Welcome to Yogi Nomad

We are a non-for-profit community based organisation that specialises in combining the practice of yoga, with other enlightening practices and trainings. We are based in Nepal, Kathmandu.

Check out the variety of courses and workshops, that both inspire balance and broaden experience.

For the adventurer we have the combined Meditation & Trek workshop, Develop Self, looks inside at who you want to be, Spiritual Journeys takes you on an enlightenment, through the mountains and forests of Nepal, Plus Individual Sessions, Life Coaching, Spiritual Coaching, Thai Massage, and more...

Featured Events

Individual session / Life & Spiritual Coaching / Mentorship

Featured course

216 EUR per hour | By appointment - (Skype) | VIEW FULL PROFILE HERE

Gurukulam / Homestay in Nepal with the Teacher

Featured training

2.500 EUR per week | March - April 2016  | VIEW FULL PROFILE HERE

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