A bit about Nepal

Nepal is the birthplace of Hatha Yoga and yogis from time immemorial have gathered here to practice, the tradition is profoundly ingrained into everyday life. Coming to Nepal for training is an immersion into Yoga. The ancient scripture called the Nepal Himalaya “Tapobhumi”, a Sanskrit term that means the land of best practices. It is the crossroad of Hinduism and Buddhism, the two most influential tradition of Yoga, still alive and practiced in a harmonious way in today’s Nepal. Nepal is still home of the finest yogis, practicing in caves, monasteries, ashrams, temples and the timeless bodies (spirit) of the enlightened master are still around to inspire and influence yoga students in subtle and surprising ways

Nepal offers a pristine nature setting, the silence and harmony necessary and enticing for the practice of Yoga.

At 1500 meters above sea level, mornings and evenings can be chilly and days are mostly sunny and warm. Across the year the temperature will vary from 10°c low (50 F) to 30°c high (86 F).