Application Form

Section 1: Application and contact information

This information serves to know if you are eligible to attend the activity and later to insure your safety during the course. Please take your time and fill up carefully. Missing information can delay the application process

Select your birthay date

Section 2: Health and Bio Characteristics

Recent Health (12-24 months)

Physical Condition

Life Style Pattern

Section 3: Diet and Lifestyle

Diet pattern (describe how many time a week do you consume)

Section 4: Practice and Experience




Avoid smoking and taking stimulants (tea, coffee, coca-cola…) or recreational drugs at least one month before any retreat/training. This is so as not to experience the effects of withdrawal during the course. For the same reasons it is preferable to have a vegetarian/vegan diet during the same period.

Read the recommended books and other relevant material as the more you are exposed ahead of the retreat/training the more benefit you will get out of it. We provide a list of "classic" references on request.

Start a personal practice and/or increase your practice time as much as possible.

Get used to an early wake up: 05:00h in the morning will prepare you adequately for the retreat/training and should give you time for personal practice.

This brief overview helps us to understand your situation, so we can better inform and facilitate your yoga journey.

Please note that completion of this questionnaire does not guarantee you a place on the course.

Once you are accepted into the course you will be required to make a deposit/payment so that your place is secured.



Thank you for completing the application. Yogi-nomad team will respond to you within 48 hours.