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Spiritual & Life Coaching (Individual session / Mentorship)

Each of us is a unique and specific individual, and we are all having our own purpose for being here.  In living a purposed life we find Happiness.  To reveal our purpose, we must gradually establish connection with the essence of our Being. Expressing that essence freely, is to authorise yourself to be who you are. To share your gift with the world is Greatness.

Program Content

Spiritual and Life Coaching will give you an opportunity to make the best out of your life in the most specific and personalised way. Whether we are looking for success, for purpose in our life or for Love in relationship, we all want Happiness. That is a universal truth.

Happiness is available to all, whatever is your current life situation. Happiness is free, infinite, ever-present and you do not need anything nor anyone to be Happy. Deva shares with you tools, knowledge and experience to empower you to find Happiness your own way.

We support you in 

  • Connecting with who you are
  • Relating with your life 
  • Removing the programming filters that hinder your evolution
  • Providing you with tools to design a desired reality in harmony with your purpose
  • Establishing emotional maturity
  • Building new ways to relate with your relation and partners
  • Finding the keys to health and wellness
  • Experiencing new energy for your projects

We offer

  • Presence, healing and spiritual counselling
  • Self-empowerment to make you independent
  • The key principles that lead to Love, Abundance, Health and Friendship

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Schedule / Goal

Individual sessions are booked by email:

Mentorship 6 individual sessions over 6 months with specific homework and report

How to prepare

Custom goals are defined for each specific case. Come with your most challenging life questions and receive invaluable personal advice, revealing feedback questions, plan of action, and follow up.

Place and Teachers

Yogi-nomad Program Director Deva Ram is available for individual sessions either live or on Skype.

Cost & Dates

Individual session (Skype and/or Live): €216 per hour (the first 30’ session free)