Meditation and Trek

Discover self / Nirvana Express

After over a decade designing retreats, YN designed Nirvana Express driven to bring together the best transformative practices side by side in a short two weeks retreat.

Program Content

A pure yoga practice to our eyes, NE is mostly a self-development retreat. We have brought together 5 teachers all highly experienced in their field, to bring to you 5 workshops in one. Systemic Constellation; Behind the Mask; Gnostic Intensive together with traditional Yoga, Ayurveda and Vedic Astrology and even a 2 days spiritual trek. 3h of daily morning Yoga practice that will include the results of our latest findings and experiences. The whole activity happening in some of the most powerful place of the Kathmandu Valley.

The group will be limited to 12 people

Behind the mask (conducted by Sandhi): Our body language originates a part of the brain that never reaches consciousness. It is expressed and noticed before conscious thought: People will notice much more about you than you may realise because who you are speaks louder than what you say. Developing your intuitive perception skills, expressing yourself authentically and learning how to use your body language powerfully is the purpose of this journey. A journey like no other, from the unconscious to the conscious, discovering how to  read and communicate with your body language in ways never thought possible. This work is transformative because it moves, touches and frees you. Sensing your purpose, coming from a place of wonder you can allow for eye & heart opening breakthroughs, experiencing deep and freeing insights into hidden the messages of your body. Discover yourself in new ways and allow for eye opening breakthroughs, experience profound insights into the hidden unconscious messages of your body and release beliefs & attitudes that may not serve you any longer.

Systemic Constellation (conducted by Stefan): approach is a relatively new discipline. Although there are many aspects are included from other psychodynamic approaches. This method provides deep insight in inner patterns, condition, and entanglements between generations. Representatives even without knowing what the representing getting in tuned with a so called Gestalt- forming-field (morphogenetic field)  and acting, expressing and streaming the energy of the system ( either personal level, family dynamics, potential energy ….). Through the inner-view, you will follow the line and find solution and inner realization to integrate and transform stuck or restricted or limited energies.

“Our destiny is to be enlightened…!”

Deep Peat (conducted by Vladimir): Deep PEAT integrates deep polarities or opposites in the human being, achieving two purposes simultaneously: it increases our quality of everyday living and accelerates our spiritual development, our evolution. By integrating polarities, we enter the state of Oneness, we recognise Oneness as our essence and gradually release our consciousness from bipolar perception of the self and the world.  In other words, we regain completeness and freedom, and move away from our distorted perception of the self and the world releasing the emotional charge due to our suppressed thoughts and emotion. Deep PEAT integrates Primordial Polarities, the most charged polarity that exists within us. Primordial Polarities determines our perception, personality and behaviour more than any other single element of our unconscious. 

Schedule / Goal

6 am to 9 am Daily Yoga practice
9 to 10h30 Brunch
10h30 to 13h30 Workshop session 1
13h30 to 14h30 Light lunch
14h30 to 17h Workshop session 2
17 to 18h30 Dinner
18h30 to 19h30 Individual sessions (upon request)

Next session: 14 to 27 September, 2015

Due to the type of work we will be doing, we will remain as flexible and adaptable as possible. It is possible that some sessions will last longer than planned. Each teacher will make modification in agreement with the group. Each of the workshops below are planned to last 2 days (4 sessions each).

Two days are planned as resting and personal time.

The first two days of the workshop are planned to prepare ourselves, tune with the place and recover from eventual transport tiredness, we will offer various option between Ayurvedic consultation, astrology, massages and cranio-sacral therapy. We will also have a day of discussion about the theoretical and philosophical background of the various workshops.

How to prepare

This will certainly be one of the most important journeys of your life and must be prepare accordingly. Avoid smoking and taking stimulants (tea, coffee, coca-cola...) or recreational drugs at least one month before any retreat/training. This is so as not to experience the effects of withdrawal during the course. For the same reasons it is preferable to have a vegetarian/vegan diet during the same period.! Read the recommended books and other relevant material as the more you are exposed ahead of the retreat/training the more benefit you will get out of it. We provide a list of “classic” references on request. Start a personal practice and/or increase your practice time as much as possible. Get used to an early wake up: 05:00h in the morning will prepare you adequately for the retreat/training and should give you time for personal practice. Filling carefully the application form, this brief overview helps us to understand your situation, so we can better inform and facilitate your yoga journey.

Place and Teachers

Only 25 km from Kathmandu Airport, the Shivapuri Village Resort  is nestled in the Shivapuri National Park, 150 km2 of Himalayan forest, 2.000 m - 6.600 ft above sea level with view over the Ganesh Himal and the Langtang Lirung / (7.300m - 24.000 ft)

The forest has been protected for more than 40 years and is home of the Indian Leopard and the Himalayan Black Bear among many other species. It is the birth place of the two holiest river of Nepal, the Baghmati and the Vishnumati and the historical aboded Shivapuri Baba who lived here until the august age of 137.

ShivaPuri, which literally means the abode of Shiva, has been a place for yogins and ascetics to meditate for thousands of years, it is common to find caves that were frugally arranged in a tree, under a rock to allow these saints to live in the wilderness.

Here simplicity is the luxury. Internet through 3G phone only.

Teachers: Sandhi Spiers, Stephan Reiter, Valdimir Stojakovic, Sannyasi YogaTara and Gaby


Next session: 14 to 27 September, 2015

Comfort option: Nepali rustic traditional cottage with attached modern bathroom with hot shower.

3 fresh vegetarian Nepali menu (brunch, light lunch, dinner) following Ayurvedic cooking rules cooked on a traditional clay oven with wood fuel, seasonal organic food cultivated on the property.

Euro 1.150 , share four, early bird registration (Euro 1.350 after)

Euro 1.350 , share two, early bird registration (Euro 1.550 after)

Option for single upon request (limited places)

Transfer from town included (the resort is secluded and may require 4x4 vehicle).

If you chose to arrive early or depart late, additional cost is your responsibility.