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Spiritual Eroticism & Relationships / Tantra Workshop/ Individual & Couple Counseling

Program Content

The teachings of Tantra are presented in a coherent and progressive approach, well adapted to the western mentality without losing their original mystique and richness.

The mysteries and secrets of spiritual eroticism are presented in conjunction with the relevant information from Yoga, Ayurveda, Astrology, modern psychology, Nutrition and more. Teachings are marked by many exemplifications, meditations, initiations and practices. The teaching will be conducted without nudity.

The teaching explore subjects like the various forms of orgasm, ejaculation, analysis of the curve of pleasure, methods of retention and control of the sexual energy, sublimation and transmutation of sexual energy, relevant Hatha yoga practice, healing and medical correlations, forms of tantric training for men and women. The teaching contains all the necessary knowledge for participants to start mastering their Tantric sexuality.

More specific to its application to the relationship, the teaching will explore the secrets of the Kama Sutra (postures, erogenous zones, techniques, principles of pleasures…), various relationship models to preserve attraction and longevity of the relation, methods for enhancing virility and removing frigidity, birth control, fertility and maternity, oral sex, love versus possessiveness, sexual freedom and social taboos, tantric transfiguration and other topics.

This teaching is delivered with the blessings of Swami Vivekanada Sarasvati, spiritual lead of the Agama Yoga.

Schedule / Goal

Understand the fundamental concepts and principles of Tantra.

Acquire the tools and techniques of training and gain mastery over Tantric practices.

Identify the difficulties related to spiritual eroticism and relationship and how to overcome them.

For couple and individual, the private session provide practical and specific solutions to each situation with practice and training.

How to prepare

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Place and Teachers

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Next Scheduled Event: New Delhi - India  / May 9 & 10 / May 16 & 17

Individual session upon request.

Individual & Couple session

Euro 108 per hour (individual)

Euro 180 per hour (couple, 15% discount)

One week intensive course

Euro 3.240 per week (individual)

Euro 5.500 per week (couple 15% discount)

2 days / 5 days workshop

Euro 215 / 540 per person (8 person minimum)

Prices may vary according to the place of teaching, enquire for detailed information.