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Yoga in the wild / Rite of passage / Vision quest

Program Content

Immersion in Nature (conducted by Gaby): Yogins always refer to Nature as the master teacher, isolated in remote areas they would immerse in the contemplation of Nature as the divine creation of the essence they were intent to merge with and discover the subtle laws that rule our universe. In many ancient spiritual and shamanic traditions, there are rites or special moment in life when men turned to Nature for inspiration, support, transformation and guidance. These moments were symbolic of rebirth, a deep process of letting go of the past and allowing a new direction to take place. We will spent the retreat in a very special place, immersed in the forest of the Shivapuri National Park, a place were yogins have come to for inspiration for thousands of years. During the retreat, we will intensify our communication with Nature in agreement with the participants desire and capacities and spend some time in solitude and silence to enhance the perception of Nature’s timeless message.

Schedule / Goal

7 days: 3 days of preparation and 4 days of fast alone with the power of the Himalaya

How to prepare

It is preferable for people who want to undertake this activity to be familiar with retreat, solitude and fasting, but motivation is the most important factor. Enquire with us if in doubt.

Place and Teachers

non applicable

Cost & Dates

No scheduled events. We can organise for group request 4 persons minimum.

Euro 875 per week for returning student, scholarship and special cases. Enquire to know if you are eligible for this option.

Euro 1.275 regular cost per week