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Gurukulam (Home Stay with the Teacher)

Inspired by the Yoga tradition, “Gurukulam” is a personalised, specific and individual approach to learning Yoga where the aspiring Yogi (sadhaka) comes to live at the house of the teacher (guru) and receives both formal and informal “hands-on” training.

Program Content

The program is adapted to the objectives and capacities of each individual with a comprehensive content. A traditional Hatha Yoga daily practice comprising Pranayama, Asana, Meditation, Kriyas, Mantra etc and daily lectures uncovering the secrets of the tradition through History, Philosophy and Literature of Yoga, exposed with a down to earth and modern pedagogy.

Leaving considerable space for informal exchange allows for a powerful transmission between the members of the Kula (teacher and students) in a relaxed yet very efficient manner. Gurukulam is a 24/7 program, a complete immersion in the tradition of yoga, covering practice, theory, life style, health and wellness and much more.

During the Gurukulam students are often required to share with others what they have learned and integrated, allowing for a deep and rapid integration.

The informal time can occasionally be spent trekking to spiritual places, taking classes with local teachers in Kathmandu, spending time with archetypal yogi in the mountains and forest of the Himalaya or having a philosophical discussion with the Swami at the nearby Ashram.

Schedule / Goal

30 hours of formal classes per week (5 days), 20 h under direct guidance and 10 h of self-work and studies with Q&A follow-up. Many hours of informal time and discussions during the rest of the day, preparing and sharing meal, relaxing or spending time together visiting places and people of interest.

The program objectives will depend on

  • the duration (number of week chosen to attend)
  • the current level of experience of the student
  • each individual’s life objectives and capacities
  • a 30’ live / Skype discussion with each student

How to prepare

This will certainly be one of the most important journeys of your life and must be prepared accordingly. Motivation for this course is paramount. Contact us describing why you feel  this course is for you and we will send you a list of preparation recommendations that include diet, lifestyle and habits, recommended readings, personal practice, preparatory homework and other application details.

Place and Teachers


North of Kathmandu and bordering the Shivapuri National Park, Buddhanilkantha is a powerful spiritual centre, host of the ISKON center, a vipassana meditation center, several ashrams and monasteries and the Sleeping Vishnu pilgrimage site.

This course will be taught by Deva Ram. Some external intervention (Ayurveda, Astrology, other therapies) can be added at additional cost.


Cost & Dates

Next Scheduled event: March - April, 2016 

6.500€ per week per person in individual setting

2.500€  per week per person in a small group, up to 3 students