Here are some of the most Frequently Asked Questions about our Teacher Training Courses in Nepal :

  • 350H (6 weeks options) allows you more time to teach than in most 200H courses.
  • We will take you through the basis of Ayurveda, Nutrition and Jyotish (vedic astrology), Tantra to better understand your body and your needs.
  • Nepal like India is the birth place of Yoga and people here have been practicing for thousands of years. The tradition is profoundly ingrained into everyday life and coming to Nepal for a training is an immersion.

Nepal is home of Hinduism and Buddhism, the two most influential tradition of yoga, both these tradition and there practices are alive today and practiced in an integrated and harmonious way in Nepal.

  • Ancient yoga scriptures mention the Himalaya as “Tapobhumi” the land of best practices.
  • Nepal has been (and still is!) home of some of the finest yogis practicing in caves, monasteries, hermitages, ashrams and temples, their timeless bodies (or spirits) are still around inspiring and influencing yoga students in many subtle ways
  • Nepal offers nature, silence and harmony that are enticing to yoga practices.
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We suggest that you have two years of practice but that’s flexible. If you have less than 24 month of practice it is advised that you obtain a recommendation letter from your current teacher. It is more important to come with an open mind and a strong motivation.

We will ask you to read the Bhagavad Gita (at least one translation but several is better), the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Hatha Yoga Pradipika and to write a 10 lines essay/reading note about your lectures. The Bhagavad Gita is part of the Yoga Teacher Training as it is a foundational text of yoga. Your time to read once the training is started will be limited.

  • We will ask you to be physically fit to sustain the effort, to be adaptable and pleasant in your communication with others to share life with people with different culture, expectations and needs and mentally mature to handle the difficulties inherent to deep self-enquiry.
  • We will ask you to be motivated and determined. A yoga Teacher Training is not something one “consumes” but rather “surrender to”. Recent trends have popularized teacher training and many take places in luxury resorts or at the beach. Nepal may be a more challenging but also more productive destination in terms of personal progress. Comfort and food are good but simple and over 6 weeks it may require you to adapt to unforeseen situations. Only your motivation and determination will allow you to do that.
We recommend that you bring your laptop computer. We provide a lot of soft documents that would be difficult for you to carry back home under hard format. In addition 6 weeks is a long time away for some and today’s communication are mostly internet based. There will be Wifi at the hotel, Internet also provide a great source of yoga related information and we will also make available many reference documents “on-line”. If you cannot take your laptop or if you do not have one, it is good to bring an electronic storing device like a large USB key or an external hard drive. It is advisable to insure your equipment and make a good back up before arriving to Nepal.
We provide a hard copy training manual. We will provide you with the course structure, objectives and schedule plus all the presentations and documents used during the course (e-books, music, videos etc) and much more on-line so you can access them even once the training is over. There will be a large numbers of books available for reference. If you want to bring your own, we will also provide you with a reference “reading list” ahead of the training. It is possible to buy many books in Kathmandu at very competitive prices.
We realize that for many a trip to Nepal is a unique opportunity and it would be unfortunate not to take advantage of it. Nevertheless a yoga training is intense in nature and the days off (Sundays) are mostly meant to rest and study. You are advised to plan any visit or trek before or after the training.
If you want to receive a certificate stating you have complied with the Yoga Alliance standard you have to attend and be on time at all the sessions. There is provision to catch up for a few classes missed but it is limited. In addition to attendance we will also consider attitude, engagement and progress as criteria to deliver a certificate.
We use interactive and modern method for teaching recognizing different students learn with different tools. We privilege small group work, brain storming, student participation, self-work and collective feedback. We use lively media (music, video, debates etc) whenever it is possible and we opt for a coaching attitude rather than academic lectures.
We will work 55h per week, in six days and Sundays are free. The days start at 06:00 am and finishes at 19:30 with 3 breaks. Once registered we will send you a detailed program.
We use venues around from Kathmandu, away from the traffic, surrounded by nature, close to the forest and an escape from the noise and the pollution of the “big city”.
No, you are responsible for your airfare. You should fly into Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport and also your transfer from the airport to the resort.
 Two useful websites for fares is www.makemytrip.com (within Asia) and www.skyscanner.com