Getting there

Websites for any travel arrangements to Nepal :


From Europe, the best and most practical is with Qatar Airlines through Doha to Kathmandu average round trip for 700 Euro.

Lufthansa, Swiss, Austrian Airlines and Turkish have sometimes interesting rates to New Delhi, worth checking. Then take a second flight New Delhi to Katmandu. Many companies do this route several times a day: Indian Airlines, Royal Nepal Airline (often delayed), Air India, Kingfisher Airline, JetLite and Jet Airways. Booking is required in advance; lowest round trip price is about EUR 150.

From Asia: fly through Bangkok, Thailand
Bangkok-Katmandu: Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines,Nepal Airlines and Thai Airways. Average Round Trip Price EURO 300-500. Nepal Airlines is the cheapest company with delayed flights.

From America: fly through Hong Kong with Cathay Pacific and get Dragon Air Hong Kong-Katmandu. You have to wait many hours in HK Airport to get the connection to Nepal. Or take Royal Nepal Airlines from Hong-Kong-Katmandu. Or fly from LA with Thai Airways through Bangkok.

Yogi-nomad students may consider taking care of their Carbon offsetting for their trip to Nepal. We recommend Sustainable Travel International.