Yogi Nomad Vision

Our Vision:

We envision a world where all humans commune together in an understood oneness with all sentient beings;  In this world, ancient wisdom and modern sciences blend gracefully for a harmonious living that honours Earth and bows to Universal Intelligence. Humans are aware of the intrinsic abundance of the universe hence they share fairly and tend sparingly and with gratitude, the precious resources of Earth.

In this world, human beings control their mind, have reached mastery of their emotions and cultivate self Love for the sake of others. They carefully choose their thoughts, words and actions, free from the fruits of their deeds and yet fully engaged in working for our common evolution. They relentlessly expand their consciousness, allowing their dream to guide their choices, free from fear and convention.

In this world humans feel complete in themselves, yet delight in relationships as a tool for self-discovery and playfulness, their partners are as mirrors in which they look for guidance and support and the ground in which they grow the roots for True Love, Compassion and Happiness. They see the spark of Divinity at the heart of every being.

In this world humans recognise the natural flow of the Universe and, like nomads, live in symbiosis and presence with what is, in the accepted interdependence with both human and natural environment.

In this world, leaders and organisations promote the higher ethical values and principles of humanity, and every individual is encouraged and supported to share their unique gift with the world. Each individual brings their unique creative light, the value of their life’s purpose, as a contribution to the sustainable transformation and illumination of the planet.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to serve the world we live in by sharing empowering tools, practices, and evolutionary ideas that support people to find the truth of their heart and live a life of purpose.