Executive Team

Deva Ram / Gaby

Deva Ram was born in March 1961 and studied Math and Physics at a French Engineering School until 1983, when a first journey to Africa modified the course of his life. This experience changed his worldview and he was drawn to work in developing countries. Over the next 20 years, he dedicated the majority of his time to Karma yoga in Africa, America and Asia, in an attempt to leave the world a better place. Deva holds a postgraduate degree of political science and international development from La Sorbonne University.

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Meghan Rae
Yoga Teacher & Workshop Facilitator, Guide
I am here in service to the Divine Goddess, in full surrender to what is asking to be expressed as ME!  I am here to be a joyful beacon of light and truth on our planet at this time, and I commit to serving you towards the dreams of your heart’s deepest longing.  I am thrilled you have come to our online community and are looking further into what we are all about.  Welcome! Read more about Meghan Rae