Teacher Team

Deva Ram / Gaby

Deva Ram was born in March 1961 and studied Math and Physics at a French Engineering School until 1983, when a first journey to Africa modified the course of his life. This experience changed his worldview and he was drawn to work in developing countries. He will dedicate most of the next 20 years to Karma yoga in Africa, America and Asia, in an attempt to leave the world a better place. Gaby holds a postgraduate degree of political science and international development from...

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Safah Roberts E RYT-500

  Safah Roberts hails from Canada and began her career studying Biology with a specialization in Genetics.  The intensity of her work led her to search for ways to reduce stress and it was here that she discovered yoga.  Nearly fifteen years later, her love of this guiding light only continues to blossom and mature. 

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Sannyasi Yogatara

Sannyasi Yogatara (Lisa Alessandra Gautschi) is from USA, she began her journey in Yoga in 1996 when she first arrived in Nepal when she turned from hard sciences to the life sciences of Yoga and Ayurveda in her search for healing and spiritual growth.  She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Applied Yogic Sciences from Bihar Yoga University; the first accredited Yoga University, in Bihar, India and a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology. Director of the Isha Center, a center of holistic and conscious living in Kathmandu, Nepal, Yogatara works as yoga therapist, instructor, and counselor. Yogatara strives to embody the teachings of yoga and to follow the example of her teachers, Swami Satyananda and Swami Niranjanananda-- to serve, love and give.

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Sandhi Spiers

Sandhi Spiers was born in Germany and has been interested in behavioral psychology and the foundations of happiness from an early age on. He studied social science & social work and his educational background includes Master NLP certification, business development, social education, drama action, emotional expression & release, yoga, meditation, inner child work and psychology. With over 25 years experience in personal development, coaching, counseling and group facilitation Sandhi works with people who have come to a personal or professional turning point in their lives. His style is humorous and subtle yet creating powerful changes in people’s perceptions and behaviors.

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Vladimir Stojakovic

Vladimir Stojakovic is from Serbia, a Spiritual Technology professional with over 20 years of experience and a long time student of Zivorad M. Slavinski. Vladimir runs seminars and sessions for groups and individuals. His techniques are extremely ...

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RYT 500 Teacher

Rachel teaches and conducts workshops and courses in the context of Ayurveda, Yoga and Yoga Philosophy around Asia. She also offers Ayurvedic consultation as well as body therapies. She was born in Taiwan, educated and lived in the US. She then made home in Hong Kong and later New Zealand where she studied and received formal qualifications of Ayurveda, the ancient life science and medicine system of India and Yoga (Therapy).

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Stephan Reiter

Stephan Reiter is from Germany; he is a well-trained and very experienced facilitator, teacher and supportive therapist. More than 25 years practicing healing and awareness methods. Being “in tune” and following the “inner instructions guidance” is his signature. Since over 8 years he is based in Kathmandu / Nepal.

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