Here's What Our Students Are Saying....

Shu T, Singapore

November 2014 (Gurukulam)

"Simply put, I had such an amazing time. 

To try and leave for review for something that was so spiritually moving and in many ways, life changing, seems unfair as the experience itself was practically indescribable. 

The whole process never felt like I was in a school or consciously learning at any point. It felt really organic and very much more like I was hanging out with friends and people that I looked up to. Of course, chemistry is really important, so it helps to get along with your teacher and other students. Go with an open mind and prepare to be blown away.

I definitely felt like I learnt a lot, but not in rote or repetitive way. It was through intelligent discourse and active listening, along with lots of meditation and yoga (which is a given, since you're doing a yoga teacher training course). I overcame a lot of personal hurdles, and absorbed a lot of things more so than if I had to memorise them or take test. The best way to describe it is to say that I didn't just complete a course, I experienced it and I felt it deep to my bones. 

I experienced what it's like to live with strangers for 4 weeks, and become friends at the end of it. I experienced pure companionship and love without bounds in just one month. I felt myself breaking out of the boxes that I had put myself in before. I experienced what it was like to live without all the trappings and accoutrements of modern life and feel just pure joy, plain and simple. I felt alive, like I've never felt before. A deep connection to Mother Earth, and an awakening spiritual awareness. It's been hard to try and keep that connection now that I'm back in Shanghai, but I'll always think back to the moment of standing before a majestic waterfall and just feeling that the whole world was alive. 

I would encourage anyone with an open mind to do this course. 

I think it's important to note that we are all on our own journeys, and no one is perfect, but we can each help each other along the way. If you're willing to look beyond yourself, you'll find the entire universe is out there waiting."

Camille D, Hong Kong

June 2014 (Gurukulam)

"I had the privilege to be the first student to benefit from the new 'Gurukulam' programme offered by Yogi-Nomad in Nepal. Practising yoga for several years, I enrolled in this programme looking for its genuine spirit and thus means to go beyond my physical asana practice, aspirations my yoga studio in Hong Kong was unable to fully fulfil. But what I found in Kathmandu is much more than a regular yoga teacher training. 
As a dedicated yoga practitioner, Gaby is an avid learner, constantly looking for new teachings, workshops and long-term trainings to improve his own understanding of yoga and get closer to its goals. This makes a huge difference, as yoga teachers too often tend to abandon their student spirit. As a passionate teacher, he shared his invaluable knowledge without restrictions, combining a variety of influences (martial arts, Vedic studies, Buddhism, psychology, physical and subtle anatomy, traditional Hatha yoga practices, Ayurveda, Tantra and more) into a unique curriculum that fitted my personal interests, needs and limitations, while allowing unsuspected personal experiences at the physical, energetic, emotional and mental levels. I was exposed to a large array of practices and lesser-known disciplines, which would have taken me years - if at all - to discover by myself! The 1-on-1 formula was another unique advantage of this course, as it provided regular teaching hours, flexible time for self-practice, as well as long and inspirational informal discussions. Gaby is a genuine yoga messenger, for he gave me the tools, showed me the path, but let me figure out what to do next on my own. So, I left this 5 weeks intensive programme understanding (quite excitedly!) that it is only the beginning of my true yoga journey...
Two days before leaving, Gaby discreetly (yet deliberately) wrote the following quote on the white board: 'Not hammer strokes, but dance of the water, sings the pebbles into perfection' (Rabindranath Tagore). I am deeply indebted to him, for I know his teachings will act upon me as the river on the pebbles."

Dr Tanja W, Germany

September 2013 (Coaching)

"I appreciate you as strong advocate of my soul, highlighting my most valuable human attributes and encouraging me to embrace and love the universe. Your deep understanding and empathy consoles me. To explore, discuss and reflect with you helps me grow better and wiser.
THANK you!"

Anne H, Canada

March 2013 (Teacher Training)

"Yogi-Nomad was one of the most amazing experiences of my life!! I recommend them to anyone :)
The teachers are such wonderful people and have inspired me in so many ways. I have gone through the most incredibly positive life changes with the guidance and encouragement of yogi-nomad. I have seen so many changes in my practice and in life in general since my experiences I Kathmandu and I can't wait to go back!"

Ni H, Shanghai

April 2013 (Gurukulam)

"Yogi-Nomad was instrumental in aiding and abetting a huge life change. It is difficult to articulate such a momentous transformative experience. If you are looking for not solely a yoga teacher training but something to deepen your practice so as to go beyond your boundaries, and unlearn the knowledge that you think you know, then look no further. Yogi-Nomad is the place and space for one to confront one's limits and transcend them. The training brings you back to the basics, recalibrating the habits we've acquired, humbling our attitude towards the practice and making room for new questions, new challenges for greater understanding, whether it's learning about the history of yoga, the gross + subtle anatomy, its methodology, and even Thai Massage, every nugget is rooted in a deep spiritual realization that the knowledge derived is not merely about yoga or our selves. Rather, it is the understanding of our self as part of the entire fabric of life. Most importantly, Yogi-Nomad is a place where you learn to impart what yoga is within its best of intentions, deviating away from the superficial and sometimes stale notion that it has become in its growing commercialisation. I was lucky to have amazingly talented teachers who would exceed their professional and expert capacity to be wonderful friends and mentors to provide ample support and encouragement."

Christine, France

January 2013 (Coaching)

I've got a coaching session with Gaby recently. I highly appreciated his analysis that sounds clear and right to me.

His vision is quite wide over the business field and the spiritual connections with it. Most of the time, the two fields are put in opposite, but what I really liked, it's the way Gaby put them together and not against each other. As many of us have this inner conflict between business and spiritual life, it seemed really interesting to me. And it helped me make an important decision without going into my inner (and unconscious) conflict. Instead, I opened a new door, a new way of considering my life and my choices.

This session has been an important key for me in the present time and I think it will accompany me for the coming months, through the changes I'll see for sure. Gaby gave me the necessary tools to improve my inner state, my state of mind, my health and mood, through a complete written debriefing of our talk, which I can use for long.

I recommend his work, as I found it perfectly relevant, useful, clear and benevolent.

Veronica H, Vienna

June 2012 (Teacher Training)

"Gaby and Val took care of me the moment I set foot on Nepali ground. They worked 24/7 for our wellbeing and contentment. I have learned not only about Yoga and all it´s related topics en masse, I got tools to live more conscious, aware, healthy and peaceful. What I have learned during this six weeks is probably the greatest gift I have ever received in my life, because it never gets old or breaks. It will always be in my heart and soul.

Thank you!"

Steph, Shanghai

October 2012 (Teacher Training)

"I was on a mission to attend a yoga teacher training and it was really hard to choose one amongst the thousands of yoga schools out there. However, the vision of Yogi-nomad attracted me very much and I waited till there was a space for me to attend. The wait was well worth it, for it was not only a transformative experience, it somehow awakened something deep within me that has been hidden there all along. 
I came out of the training feeling like I've been given a new pair of eyes, to see things in a different manner. To say that it's been transformative experience is hardly enough to describe it, you have to be in it to truly understand.
The dedication of the Yogi-nomad team - led by Gaby & Val was extraordinary. They led by example, offered guidance and nurtured each and everyone of us along the way. It was not only a 1-way relationship, they in turn always made an effort to listen to the student's feedback and always tried to look at it from all perspective. 
I would totally recommend anyone who is looking to experience yoga, understand the ancient art deeper to join Yogi-nomad."

Ken S, Ireland

September 2012 (Teacher Training)

"To be welcomed into a family feel environment is always nice when away from home and that is what you get from Yogi-Nomad. Not only this but also indepth knowlegde of the subject matter that is yoga in its true form, and by this I mean that you learn more than just the physical asana of yoga which is the way it should be. Yoga is all, everything, the absolute and every aspect is covered by knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers. Along side yoga there is also Thai-massage to be discovered and teacher Val is such an inspiration for the world of massage, not to be missed! There are excursions into the real side and spiritual side of Kathmandu which deepens the experience even more. To develop as a person and experience Kathmandu I would highly recommend Yogi-Nomad to anyone. Sarva Mangalam Gaby, Val and all students who make it possible."

Eric, France

2009 & 2011 (Coaching)

Gaby helped me to understand how to regularly perform yoga, which I now do on my own for the last few years, enjoying it. I believe his method to teach, widening the scope of yoga practice to personal development, is the right one. At last Gaby remains a person whose dedication and human contact remains a good asset for the ones who want to further learn on yoga and personal development.