“If you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.” Thich Nhat Hanh

We encourage students and Thai massage teachers to constantly refine their skills and to improve their techniques. Our students make our reputation so we are always aware the more we do to assist you in meeting your goals, the more we meet ours.

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Courses Offered Contact Hours Cost: including manual
Introduction to Thai Massage 1-3 Day Course

Please contact us as prices vary depending on the cost of living of the country.


Beginner's Thai Massage (level 1) 30 hours – 7 days
Advanced Thai Massage (level 2) 60 hours – 15 days
Therapeutic Thai Massage 30 hours – 7 days
Thai Table Massage 3 Day Course
Thai Reflexology Foot Massage 15 hours – 3 days
The Yoga-Thai Massage Journey 90 hours – 3 weeks
Coming Workshops / Formations

Thai Massage Course for Yoga Teachers in Kathmandu, Nepal
07 April to 19 May & 29 Sep. to 10 Nov. 2012

Stage de Reflexologie Plantaire Thailandaise, Kourou - Guyane Francaise
23, 24, 30 Juin 2012
Contact, Prix, Info:

Tous les stages sont fermes pour le mois de fevrier et mars en Guyane Francaise.

Les prochains stages en Guyane auront lieu a partir du mois de juin, pour plus d'informations, n'hesitez pas a nous contacter par email a info@www.yogi-nomad.org


Join our 300 hours Yoga Teacher Training (6 weeks) which includes a 200 hour YA Yoga Certified Training in 6 weeks, you also get certified in Traditional Thai Yoga Massage from Yogi-nomad School, 60 hours.

Val has studied in Chiang Mai with Master Pichet Boonthume, Sunshine Massage School, The School of Massage for Health, she is an affiliated Thai Massage Teacher with TMC School.

"Be kind whenever possible…
it is always possible." H.H. The Dalai Lama

You will learn techniques that relieve stress and fatigue, improve blood circulation and restore vitality. By the end of a workshop you will be able to perform a 30mn Thai Massage (1 day course) to a full 2 hours massage (starting from 30 hours course)!

Val teaches the art of Thai Massage in an informal, lovely and absolutely human atmosphere! She perceives Thai Massage as an expression that comes from the heart through the hands & loves to share her knowledge with a smile.

The teaching method

  • First Demonstration
  • Second Detailed Demonstration to observe the smoothness and sequence
  • Students pair up to practice
  • Individual Pressure strength test on teacher is performed daily.

Yoga Instructor Val
Yoga Instructor ValVal in Nepalval on top of shivaval practising yoga on the beach
About the Thai Massage Teacher

What to bring with you

You need a uniform that doesn’t restrict body movements and a t-shirt orjumper. Bring a pen and paper so as to take notes. You will be given a workbook with all techniques in pictures. The course is given 100% clothes on. We use only oil for the Thai Foot Massage Course. 

Personal Contact
Students practice in pairs using palm press, finger press, elbow press and other ways & includes several stretching techniques. There is no sensual contact of any kind and practice is safe & irrelevant to the sex of the participants. No second thought is needed regarding the respectful intimate touch throughout the workshop.

Practitioner Rules

Study diligently the techniques and practice of massage

  • Do not practice in public places
  • Do not hope for any gains
  • Do not take patients from another doctor
  • Do not boast about your knowledge
  • Ask for advice and listen to people who know more than you
  • Bring a good reputation to your school and teacher
  • Do not give out certificates to persons who are not qualified
  • Give thanks and appreciation everyday to the Father Doctor Jivaka Kumarabhacca.

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Father Doctor Jivaka Kumarabhacca

Thai Massage Group

Thai Massage Level 1, Kourou French Guyana - May 2010

Thai Massage

Thai Massage Course Yoga Teacher Training, Kathmandu Nepal - October 2010

Thai Massage Level 1, Paris France - Jan 2011

Thai Massage Level 1, Cayenne French Guyana - Jan 2011

Thai Massage Level 1, Kourou French Guyana - Feb 2011

Thai Massage Level 1, St Laurent French Guyana - Mar 2011

Thai Massage Level 2, Cayenne French Guyana - Feb 2011

Thai Massage Level 2, Cayenne French Guyana - Mar 2011

Thai Massage Level 3, Kourou French Guyana - Mar 2011

Oil Thai Massage, Matoury French Guyana - Mar 2011

Oil Thai Massage, Kourou French Guyana - Sep 2011

Oil Thai Massage, Cayenne French Guyana - Sep 2011

Thai Massage Level 1, St Laurent French Guyana - Sep 2011

Thai Massage Course Yoga Teacher Training, Kathmandu Nepal - November 2011


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